June 23, 2018

ROLLER DERBY: Wiltshire round off the perfect campaign

Photo courtesy of Peter Worth Photography.

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Wiltshire Roller Derby have won their final championship game of the season against Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls, leaving them undefeated and top of their tier.

A 222-164 success against their opponents ensured a 100 percent win rate from the campaign.

Wiltshire got off to a rocky start when Lincolnshire were awarded lead jammer in the first jam, but Wiltshire’s jammer was hot on their tail and a cut track penalty against the Bombers jammer allowed them to score 22 points, with Lincolnshire scoring eight.

Wiltshire continued to consolidate their early lead, preventing Lincolnshire from scoring any further points for the next five consecutive jams.

Lincolnshire worked hard to find some momentum and a 15-point jam later began to close the gap.

However, determined to maintain their unbeaten record, Wiltshire scored 18, 15 and 14 points in consecutive jams to help maintain their lead.

At half time the scores read 114-65, giving Wiltshire a comfortable lead.

Wiltshire remained on a strong footing at the beginning of the second half, only allowing Lincolnshire to score four points in four consecutive jams, bagging 24 points for themselves in the process.

Wiltshire’s walls worked hard to minimise any scoring while their jammers continued to score to maintain a lead.

Lincolnshire were able finish with a bang, scoring a massive 20 points in the final jam whilst Wiltshire scored 0.

But Wiltshire’s earlier hard work meant they took the win and will finish top of their tier this season.

Speaking after the victory, Wiltshire’s Jez Hargreaves said: “We entered this game knowing that Lincolnshire also had an undefeated season behind them.

“We had really upped the intensity of our training in preparation for this and are pleased our hard work paid off.

“Lincolnshire were excellent opponents and we hope to skate with them again in the future.”

Wiltshire will be having their next home game on August 13 at Oasis Leisure Centre, featuring their co-ed team’s debut and a long awaited rematch against Bridgend Roller Derby for their ladies team.

Are you looking to try a new sport? Wiltshire Roller Derby are always looking for men and women over the age of 18 to fill roles, not only as skaters but also as referees or non-skating officials. No experience is needed.

If you’d like to find out more, please visit the website www.wiltshirerollerderby.co.uk and send in a message.

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